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Expert Strategy + Hidden Secrets

Miclus: 2

Fairy: 2

1.) At the beginning of the Forest Stage, after the two Power-Up Plane Formations, you will encounter a group of Kamikaze planes barrelling towards you. The last plane of that group is a Blue Medal Carrier Plane. Destroy it and collect the medal (10pts).  Then, head near the upper-left corner of the screen, as shown in the picture. This is where the second Medal Carrier will appear. Destroy it and grab the medal (20pts).

2.) A large Slave-carrying Bomber Plane will appear shortly, along with another Medal Carrier from the right. Quick Shot the Bomber for 50,000 pts and grab the Medal from the blue Medal Carrier (30pts). DO NOT COLLECT THE SLAVE ICON YET!

QUICK SHOT: Destroy the large green Bomber before it can shoot. (100,000 pts).

3.) Shortly thereafter, a formation of planes with a Medal Carrier each will appear near the middle-top of the screen. Collect the medal (40pts). Be sure to grab the medal quickly before the next Medal Carrier formation appears. At the same time, avoid the Slave Icon!
4.) Another Medal Carrier formation will appear to the left. Grab the medal (50pts).

5.) Yet another Medal Carrier formation will appear on the right side, after the second Medium-Sized Plane. Grab the Medal (60pts).

QUICK SHOTx8: Destroy the 8 medium sized aircraft quickly (20,000 pts each). This is the order in which the planes appear: Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right.

FAIRY: A fairy appears if you can accomplish the Quick Shot x 8 feat.

6.) Another Medal Carrier Formation appears on the left after the seventh Medium-sized Plane. Grab the Medal (70pts). If you were able to Quick Shot all eight Medium-Sized Planes, a Fairy will appear.
7.) When land starts appearing after crossing the river, quickly head upwards and wait for a Small Tank to appear near the middle-top among the houses. Destroy it and grab the medal it drops (80pts). Then quickly rush and grab the Slave Icon. Blue 100pt Medals will now appear. Shortly, a group of Kamikaze Planes will come wanting to meet you personally, with two Medal Carriers mixed in.Destroy the Medal Carriers and grab the Medals one at a time. Be sure to grab the first medal dropped by the first Medal Carrier before destroying the second Medal Carrier. (100pts, 200 pts)
MICLUS: 8.) Uncover Miclus #1 by hovering over the house on the far right among the group of four for a few seconds.
9.) This is the most difficult part of this feat.When the Miclus stops moving, you can hit him. Overlap and shoot the Miclus EXACTLY ONE TIME to milk one Medal from him (300pts). Destroy the Tank above the Miclus. Look for a small Tank to appear from the group of trees on the left side. Destroy it and grab the Medal it drops (400pts). Two formations of planes, each led by a Medal Carrier, will appear. Destroy each Medal Carrier and grab one before uncovering another Medal (500pts, 600pts). 
10.) While still hanging on the upper right of the screen, wait for a horizontal line of Tanks to appear. Destroy the Tank on the far right and grab the Medal it drops (700pts). Quickly move downwards to prepare yourself to engage the second Large Green Bomber Plane that appears. At this time, a small Tank will emerge from the trees on the right. Destroy it. Throw a Bomb onto the Bomber Plane, making sure to avoid destroying the last two tanks on the left by keeping to the right side of the screen. Grab the Medal the second Tank from the right drops (800pts).
11.) Grab the Slave Icon. Green 1000pt Medals will start appearing. Now immediately zip on down towards the Miclus, overlap him, and start shooting him!
12.) The Miclus will spit out the remaining 8 Medals (1000pts- 8000pts). A group of Kamikaze Planes will appear. Destroy the Medal Carrier mixed in with them (9000pts).
13.) Finally, one of the two Tanks on the left side of the screen will hold a Gold Medal (10000pts)!!

14.) A large Gray Bomber will appear and try to make life miserable for you. Gradually weaken it to the point of flashing without destroying it before it tries to leave at the top of the screen. At the same time, two Kamikaze Formations of Planes, each with a Medal Carrier, will appear. This time, wait for each Medal Carrier to come close to the bottom of the screen before destroying them. This will give as much time as possible before Miclus #2 appears after destroying the Large Gray Bomber as it is leaving through the top of the screen. There should be two Gold Medals onscreen now. DO NOT COLLECT THESE MEDALS!

MICLUS: Miclus #2 will appear if you destroy the Large Gray Bomber as it is leaving through the top of the screen.

15.) Shoot the Miclus from a distance EXACTLY SEVEN TIMES. This will cause nine Golden medals (including the two from earlier) to be onscreen at the same time. All of them will explode, signaling that you are in 100K Medal Mode! Wait about one second before shooting the Miclus again. Failing to wait will cause the final two Gold Medals from the Miclus to explode too, as the entrance into the 100K Medal Mode has a one-second grace period. After this wait, overlap and shoot the Miclus to extract the last two Medals (10000pts, 20000pts).

16.) As the Tank Boss runs away the first time, two pairs of Tanks will appear on either side of the screen. Destroy each pair and collect the Medals each pair drop (30000pts, 40000pts). Additionally, you can damage the two front guns on the Tank Boss.

QUICK SHOTx2: Destroying each gun before the Tank Boss leaves the top of the screen will give you 50,000 bonus points.

AT A TIME: Destroying both guns within one second of each other will give you 100,000 points.

17.) Finally, look for two Plane Formations, each with a Medal Carrier, which appear while the Tank Boss is shooting at the four houses. The first Formation appears just before the Tank Boss shoots at House #1 (50000pts). The second and last Formation appears after the Tank Boss shoots at House #3 (60000pts).

HOUSE x 4: Defend the four houses that the Tank Boss shoots at from its shots. (100,000 points each).

FAIRY: A Fairy appears if you can successfully complete the House x 4 secret.

18.) Take advantage of the small hit center of your fighter craft! You can get tons of points by doing lots of bullet scratching at the Tank Boss. You can milk the Tank Boss as long as you want until the Tank Boss gets bored with you and decides to suicide. The Slave plane has a much much smaller hit center than it appears. The Slave can even fit in between the twin streams of bullets from the Tank Boss' main turret!
A great many thanks go to CYM for making all of this possible! This Forest Stage Expert Strategy is CYM's awesome gameplay!

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