Raiden Fighters Title Screen (1996)

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This applies to all three Raiden Fighters games.

ATK Attack Power
DEF Weapon's Defensive spread (main guns only)
SPD Fighter's speed and maneuverability
RPD Weapon's Rapid-Fire Rate (main guns only)

NOTE: On some machines, you can already select the Raiden mk-II and Judge Spear directly. On machines that don't show the two ships for selection, you need to do a joystick sequence to select them.

Raiden mk-II: Highlight the Endeavor, then press and hold RIGHT on the joystick. This will select the "?" While still holding RIGHT on the joystick, press the Start button.

Judge Spear: Highlight the Chaser, then press and hold DOWN on the joystick. While still holding DOWN on the joystick, press the Start button.



By default, the stage order is chosen for you at random. Insert a coin, then hold the joystick in one of the four principle directions and press the Start Button. You can change the stage order (except for the Boss stages and the final stage).  

Joystick Direction First --> Second Stages Fourth --> Fifth Stages
Up  Forest --> Arachi  Arctic --> Train
Left  Arachi --> Forest  Arctic --> Train
Down  Forest --> Arachi  Train  --> Arctic
Right   Arachi --> Forest Train  --> Arctic

You actually have some control over the slave formation you want. The formation depends on the number of lives you have plus the number of bombs you have. Slaves only assume these formations if you collect a Slave icon when you already have 2 slaves. Additionally, the slaves automatically assume these formations when you play as the Raiden mk-II and the Judge Spear. Playing as the any of the five standard planes requires you to use a charged attack in order for your slaves to assume these formations. You can only change the formation if you collect a bomb or lose a life (!) as the five standard planes, as the Raiden mk-II and the Judge Spear, you need to collect another Slave icon after your "Formation Sum" changes. This secret is also present in Raiden Fighters 2 and Raiden Fighters Jet.  

# Lives + # Bombs
("Formation Sum")
Slave Formation
0, 4 or 8 11:00, 1:00 Front Fixed (2 way firing)
1, 5 or 9 Slow Trailing ( and  only) or Fixed Position (standard planes via charged attack) (Double Shots)
2 or 6 Crossing (3 way firing)
3 or 7 Enemy Searching (Normal firing)


You can gradually build up to the 100,000 point medals. But, to increase the value of the medals, you must collect all of medals you see on the screen. With no medals on-screen, the next medal you uncover will be raised in point value. The easiest way to do this is to have only one medal on screen at a time and collect it. The following method will give you 100,000 point medals quickly. This method will take a lot of practice to pull off, but in the end, it's worth it.

Insert Coin, then hold Down on the Joystick and press the Start button. You can select any plane you wish.
You'll begin in the Forest Stage. Collect the 10-90 point medals one at a time to increase their value. NOTE: DO NOT collect the Slave Ship icon yet! Do so after you have 80 or 90 point medals.

After you have 80 or 90 point medals appearing, then collect the Slave icon. Now you'll start receiving 100-900 point medals.

Uncover the first Miclus by hovering over the house to the far right. To ensure that you collect the medals the Miclus spits out one at a time, hover directly above the Miclus while shooting him. You should now have 900-point medals.

After you have 900-point medals, collect the second Slave to enable you to collect the 1000-9000 point medals.
To uncover the second Miclus, you must destroy the large plane that gives you a Bomb as it's leaving at the top of the screen, before the Tank Boss. Shoot the large plane enough to weaken it without destroying it, then avoid its bullets until you begin to see the Tank Boss. Once the large plane begins to move to the top, shoot it until it dies. A Miclus should appear from the Trees in the left side. Again, hover over the Miclus while shooting him to collect medals one at a time. At this point, you should already have 10,000-point medals.

In the Airfield stage, BE CAREFUL not to destroy the first Fuel Lot you see, which appears on the right. You must destroy the second Fuel Lot FIRST, which appears on the left, before the first Fuel Lot. If you're successful, a Miclus should appear. This time, shoot the Miclus from a distance. He will spit out 9 10,000-point medals, which will explode. Now you can begin building up to the 100,000 point medals.

Look for a plane on the ground that's facing southeast. Hover above its tail for about 3 seconds and a Miclus will appear. Hover above the Miclus while shooting him to collect medals one at a time. You should now have 100,000 point  medals!

For an Expert variation of this, which allows you to enter 100K Medal Mode in only ONE STAGE, click here!

NOTE: If you miss one medal when they are valued above 10,000 points, future medals will be reset to 10,000 points. you'll need to build up again to 100,000 point medals.


Raiden Fighters has various hidden bonuses. You can earn many bonus points if you can uncover these secrets. When you uncover a secret, a message appears on the top center of the screen. Most of these bonuses are present in Raiden Fighters 2 and Raiden Fighters Jet.
(10,000 pts - 100,000 points)
Killing a large enemy before it has a chance to fire at you.

DESTROYED AT A TIME! (100,000 points)

Destroying two special targets within one second of each other.
(100,000 points + Bomb)
The Fairy is a hidden character in the original Raiden series. She gives you one Bomb (wait for her to release the Bomb icon first) and 100,000 points if you collect her. 
(10 points)
Your weapons can hurt the Fairy. Be careful where you drop bombs too.
(100,000 points + 9 medals)
This little blue critter is Seibu's mascot. In the Raiden Fighters series, he spits out 9 medals when you shoot him, then he explodes. To make him appear, you hover over certain places or perform certain tasks. The Miclus is helpful in building up to the 100,000 point medals.
(100,000 points)
In the Forest Stage only. You get this bonus if you can defend the houses from the Tank Boss' shots.
(10,000 points) 
In the Battleship boss stage only. You get this bonus if you can destroy the Hovership while sparing the tanks that try to enter the Hovership.

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