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STAGE 6 - Low Earth Orbit: Space Station


Satellite -> Mosquito Mech

Boss Strategies

I hate hate HATE this boss! It is full of cheap attacks and instant-hit lasers. You will fight Geo-Bite if you are on either the right or left side of the screen when the ejection tube array activates. Both the left and the right tubes contain Geo-Bite.

Geo-Bite seems to be obsessed with rotating streams of bullets. It uses that a lot in its initial form. It also launches shooting pods towards the bottom of the screen. There is also a timing-based slow spread/fast spread attack that can be anticipated with enough experience. Other than that, this boss is an absolute nightmare!

Geo-Bite AVI movie (4690 KB)

After you destroy Geo-Bite's satellite exoskeleton, it will drop its attack pod downward. Kill it quickly and prepare for...

ĦAtaque El Cheapo #1! This uber-starburst is FAST. It's so fast that you will not be able to see a small opening until it's too late. Wait patiently and mirror Geo-Bite's movements until Geo-Bite performs this attack. Always stay aligned with its center! Don't panic! Immediately strafe a small distance in either direction to avoid the oncoming bullets.

After shooting a bunch of aimed spread shots at you, it will perform this attack next.

ĦAtaque El Cheapo #2! I hate hate hate hate HATE this attack! This is undisputedly the worst boss attack in the entire game! Even Chaos Queen is easier than this boss!

Geo-Bite sweeps left and right at the top of the screen shooting endless streams of aimed spread bullets. All the while, it is shooting those DAMNED CHEAP INSTANT HIT LASERS at quick intervals!

Do not stay under Geo-Bite's center! You will easily get killed there! You can pretty much stay in a general region and just time the lasers precisely and quickly move out of the way when its arms are near you. The bullet spreads and the lasers are fired off at the same rate, offering some cue. If things aren't bad enough here, there are SUPPORT FIGHTERS to worry about! Geo Bite will perform this attack for what seems a very long time until...

..it finally reveals its blue orb! It will shoot crazy rotating streams of fast bullets before finally resting. You can choose to weave your way out of this crap, or...


...you can dash straight toward the lower-left of the boss right when it reveals its blue orb, as shown here. You can just squeeze in between the starting streams of bullets at this point. You have very little time to do this, once Geo-Bite reveals its blue orb. Don't do this with a slow-TB'ing plane, like the F-18. You will not make it.


Dash towards the blue orb with guns blazing! Don't give this insane boss a chance!


(Damn, that felt SO GOOD!!)

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