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STAGE 6 - Low Earth Orbit: Space Station

BOSS NAME: Cross Blade

Satellite -> Twin Housefly-like Mechs

Boss Strategies

In this stage, you will fight one of two bosses. Cross Blade is the easiest of the two. To always fight against Cross Blade, stay at the middle of the screen, over the center of the three ejection tubes. The ejection tube closest to you depending on what side of the screen you are in will activate.  The center ejection tube always contains Cross Blade. The other two side tubes contain the harder Geo-Bite.

Cross Blade, and the other boss, Geo-Bite, both have what I really dislike in shooting games of this type: instant-hit lasers. You can be on the bottom of the screen, and you'll get blasted by a laser the very instant it appears. Ugh.

The first form cycles between three attacks. The first one involves shooting two circles of slow bullets followed by two streams of fast aimed large bullets. Get close to the boss when it is shooting the circles of bullets and immediately move down to make the fast bullet streams miss you. The second attack involves a slow aimed scattering of bullets followed by a fast spread of large bullets. This attack is easily avoided by simply moving to the side as the fast aimed bullet spread is fired off. The third attack is the laser. Just avoid it. Hahaha.

Cross Blade AVI movie (4630 KB)

After you destroy Cross Blade's satellite exoskeleton, it splits into two housefly things. The top housefly with the red eyes shoots non-aimed fast large-caliber bullet spreads. The bottom housefly with the yellow eyes shoots a slow bullet spread shot with a convergence in the center.

Both houseflies attack and rest at the same time. They will perform this attack twice. If you were able to keep both houseflies close together, you can quite easily avoid this attack by maneuvering between the single-bullet convergence of the the slow bullet spread shot by the lower housefly. The fast bullets by the upper housefly will miss you. If you work fast enough, you can kill the lower housefly before both engage in their third attack, which is far worse than this one.

Be very wary of the support fighters in this part. They will more than likely kill you here than the houseflies themselves!

The lower housefly always dies first. When it does, the upper housefly starts a new set of attacks. This attack is a faster version of the spread convergence by the lower housefly. Avoid it in the same way.


Most of the remaining housefly's attacks are fast aimed spreads. Avoid them by making large sweeps around the screen, and quickly squeezing in between each shot when you get trapped and moving in the opposite direction.


Cross Blade shows its blue orb, and fires off concentric spirals of fast bullets. There are two ways to engage the blue orb:

Option 1 (Red Arrows): Position yourself as indicated by the screenshot, and wait for the first spiral of bullets to pass by. Then quickly make a mad dash for the blue orb.

Option 2 (Green): Just before the blue orb is revealed (listen for the telltale sound), position yourself at the green "X". Tap the joystick slowly to the left to avoid the bullet spirals. After the boss shoots four spirals, it will pause momentarily before repeating this attack again. Engage the blue orb now!


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