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STAGE 3 - Russia: Heavy Armory

BOSS NAME: Ground Skater

Land Frigate -> Spider Mech

Boss Strategies

This boss likes to mix up three attacks. The only one of these attacks you should pay most attention to is the aimed slow spread shots fired from the front two tread covers. When you see this attack performed, quickly move out of the way. It is considerably easier to avoid the other two attacks (4-way perpendicular pinwheel attack, accelerating yellow bullet aimed attack) when you avoid that third attack.

Ground Skater AVI movie (3648 KB)

This is Ground Skater's first attack. It shoots two bullet arcs followed by an aimed large-caliber bullet stream. This attack closes up in a hurry in later stages, and the aimed shots are faster, and spread as well.

In 1-1 and 1-2, this attack is pathetic, as the bullet arcs leave a huge gap in the middle. You can just pretty much sit in one place at the bottom of the screen and wait for the aimed fast large-caliber bullet stream to be fired towards you.

In 1-3 and 1-4, the best way to avoid this attack:

*Bullet Arc 1: Stay aligned with Ground Skater's center. Then move towards either side. There are bigger holes to move through away from the center of the bullet arc.

*Bulllet Arc 2: After you see Bullet Arc 2 come out, immediately move to the opposite side of the screen. You should make it to the escape hole on the other side. At the same time, you'll completely avoid the fast aimed large-caliber bullet stream.

After Ground Skater's initial attack, it will shoot slow scattered spreads of bullets up and down, and left and right, while moving in a counterclockwise circular path. The number of sets of this bullet pattern depends on what stage this stage is. When this stage is the first level, it will shoot only one set; second stage, two sets; etc.

When this attack clears, move your fighter below Ground Skater, just to the left of its central line.

Next, Ground Skater will turn its backside towards you, and then exposes its blue orb. It will then simultaneously shoot a clockwise-rotating omnidirectional pattern of large bullets. The pattern of shots will rotate clockwise. Move your plane through the gap in the omnidirectional pattern of large bullets by moving up and right. After getting through this pattern of large bullets, immediately get close to the blue orb. 


Shoot immediately when the orb turns red! Delaying too long will cause Ground Skater to shoot two streams of aimed bullets at you, and it will hide its blue orb. 



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