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STAGE 5 - Sea of Clouds

BOSS NAME: Green Bender

High-Altitude Bomber -> Scarab Beetle Mech

Boss Strategies

This is the first of the REALLY TOUGH bosses you'll encounter. Several of its attacks will overwhelm even those who are focused on the game. You have to really be "in the zone" to fully master this and upcoming bosses from this point in the game onward! The advanced bosses will go through a larger number of attacks before they finally reveal their blue orb. They will not show their blue orb if you damage the bosses too much, so keep your attacks to a minimum, if only to pick off those annoying support fighters that appear with these bosses intermittently.

One important thing to take note of is that most of the advanced bosses' attacks can be avoided by keeping your movements to a minimum. Many of these attacks are perfectly aimed at you, so you can easily avoid them by strafing in small increments.

Green Bender's initial form is tough. Its first attack involves fast spreads of large-caliber bullets that can be avoided by timing their fire and moving away. Its next attack is a nasty machine gun spread. This attack is best engaged by moving slowly to the left. Then its final attack is an even nastier array of rotating streams of red oblong bullets. Just stay in line with Green Bender's center and watch out for bullets that fly towards you. 

Green Bender AVI movie (4348 KB)

Meet Green Bender. You'll learn to hate this creep every time you see it. Its first attack is this lovely display of symmetry. This spray of red bullets can be avoided in several ways. The easiest way (it is still difficult) is to stay aligned with Green Bender's central line. You have to pay very close attention to five key bullet convergences among this swarm of bullets. The first of these convergences is two red bullets heading towards the bottom-center of the screen (flying towards you if you're at this location). LOOK FOR THEM. Quickly move a small distance in either direction and back to the center again; an offset convergence following closely behind will smack you if you don't re-center yourself. This pattern will repeat itself again shortly. When you see another two bullets converging towards the bottom-center, repeat the previous movements. This attack will end with multiple streams of bullets, some of which will converge at the bottom-center. Move to either side, and you have survived this attack! Overall, you only have to make five well-timed movements on the joystick to avoid this attack. It will take a lot of practice to pull this one off. AND THIS IS ONLY THE FIRST ATTACK.....

This next attack is relatively easy to contend with. Keep your movements to a minimum, and the bullets will form large gaps, as shown in this screenshot.

This attack is FAST. It is easy to die here, especially after the relative calm that is the previous attack. There is no sure-fire technique to avoid this attack. You'll pretty much have to ad-lib your way through.

What seems to work best:

Be on the right side of the screen before this attack starts. When it starts, move quickly to the left. If you're fortunate enough, you should be to the left of a stream of two bullets close to each other. At this point, keep tapping slowly to the left to avoid the remainder of this attack.


This next attack is downright scary. Green Bender lays three mines that explode into this: twin starbursts of bullets. The first starbust is a fast omnidirectional pattern of aimed V-shaped bullets. The second starburst consists of a smaller amount of slower bullets. When this attack begins, move to the bottom left of the screen and draw the V-shaped patterns towards you. Move quickly out of the way to the right to avoid the V's, and immediately back to the bottom-left to draw the next mine payload to the same location. Repeat this three times.

AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE SUPPORT FIGHTERS. Most of the time, they are the cause of your demise during this attack.


Green Bender repeats its second attack, but there are the residual bullets from the three starburst mines to deal with at the same time. Once again, keep your movements to a minimum to create large gaps between the large football-shaped bullets. This will give you room to weave your way out of the starburst residual bullets (move up and right for best results). 


Shortly thereafter, Green Bender will rush to the top of the screen to reveal its blue orb. While it is moving to the top of the screen, follow it quickly. Move straight up, and the twin streams of aimed fast bullets will completely pass you by, leaving a momentary clear path to the blue orb.


Once you are close enough, the blue orb will turn red. Do not hesitate! Shoot it before the clearance closes up!



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