Strikers 1945 PLUS (Psikyo 1999) Title Screen (Mouse_Master)
Release Date: 1999
Hardware: Neo-Geo MVS System
Display: Color Raster Horizontal

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Strikers 1945 PLUS MVS game cart and marquee insert (chimpmeister)
Strikers 1945 makes an appearance on the Neo-Geo System! This is the transparent blue cartridge that houses the Strikers 1945 PLUS game itself. The cartridge plugs into the Neo-Geo MVS mainboard. Picture contributed by chimpmeister. For more Strikers 1945 PLUS cartridge pics, visit the RFE Image Gallery.

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It is winter. The year is 1945. The heroical fight with "C.A.N.Y." was underway; it was a fight against a militaristic organization that failed to accept the Potsdam Declaration of 1945. The threat brought on by "C.A.N.Y." kept shrouding the entire world in the dark, ominous shadow of war.

Meanwhile, sealed away in the US Department of Defense was the classified data of new weapons models. A new militaristic organization, code-named "F.G.R.", which threatens to bring the world again under chaos, stolen this sensitive classified data using their hi-tech surveillance equipment.

The "STRIKERS" force has been reengaged into service, and sent a new weapons experimental development unit into active duty. This allied force has been summoned once again as the protector of the free world!

This is Psikyo's first game developed and released for the Neo-Geo MVS System. This game encomapsses elements from Strikers 1945 and Strikers 1945 II. However, there are some major new additions and changes.

Strikers 1945 PLUS gives you six different WWII fighters to choose from, plus a top secret seventh fighter that's accessibly only via joystick sequence. For information about these planes, plus links to actual historical information on each plane, go to the Planes Page.

Strikers 1945 PLUS Supershot Meter and Stock NumberThe Supershot system has been drastically changed for Strikers 1945 PLUS. Unlike in Strikers 1945 II, where you had the three-level Supershot meter which depletes fully with one use, you can now build up a stock of several Supershots! This new Supershot system is represented by a vertical meter that gradually fills up as you shoot down enemies. Each time you max out the Supershot meter, the meter resets and one Supershot is added to your Supershot Stock, which is represented by a column of ammo icons. A distinctive tone sounds when you've stocked a Supershot. The total number of Stocked Supershots you have depends on the plane you play as (i.e. The Flying Pancake has a stock of 3, the P-38 Lightning has a stock of 4). Also, each plane's Supershot meter fills up at different rates. This time around in Strikers 1945 PLUS, the super-shots have only one form, as compared to the three forms in Strikers 1945 II.

The colors of the bullets are different. Slow bullets are pink, and fast bullets are blue. This allows you to see the shot patterns by the enemies much more easily. The collision-detection is more forgiving here. Your plane will only be destroyed when a bullet touches the plane in its fuselage area. Bullets can safely overlap the planes' wings. You are given a lot of leeway in this game. Just look at the sheer number of bullets the enemies shoot at you in this game!

The stages and bosses in Strikers 1945 PLUS are partly the same as in Strikers 1945 II. Some stages are remixed and some bosses are completely redesigned.

The 200-to-2000-point gold bars return in this game as bonuses. A new rare triple gold bar bonus in Strikers 1945 PLUS is worth 500 to 4000 points.

-Information contributed by lfo

Strikers 1945 PLUS Screenshots
(by Mouse_Master)

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