Strikers 1945 II Logo (Psikyo 1997)
Release Date: 1997
Hardware: Not known
Display: Color Raster Vertical (262,144 colors)

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Strikers 1945 II screenshot (Starbase 299)
One of the mech bosses you fight in Strikers 1945 II! More alien mayhen in WWII to experience in this killer sequel! Screenshot from Starbase 299 (now defunct).

Strikers 1945 II Screenshot (Starbase 299)
Strikers 1945 II features some very vivid graphics. Here, you are fighting over a Japanese harbor. Screenshot from Starbase 299 (now defunct).

Winter of 1945. The ashes of WWII have not yet cooled when a secret organization known only as CANY attempted a coup to revive militarism. Their effort failed, but to a battle-weary population, it seemed a new shadow had spread across the world.

Meanwhile, a similar threat, code named: "F.G.R." successfully stole top secret Department of National Defense files covering new ammunition data. By using the information provided by their spy network, the F.G.R. will do their best to return the world to the chaos and upheaval of global warfare.

The only force capable of restoring order is the allied military special commando force known as the "STRIKERS."

-Prologue for Strikers 1945 II (Agetec's Strikers 1945 for PSX)
This is an excellent sequel to the popular Strikers 1945. More of the futuristic mechs transformed from ordinary military vessels and outer space aliens are rampant here! Graphics are much better in Strikers 1945 II, utilizing a larger color depth (262,144 colors). Music is now mostly adrenaline-pumping rock tunes that I consider better than the original's soundtrack. You can select from six total planes. The P-38 Lightning returns with five new WWII planes. Read about them on the Planes Page.

Strikers 1945 II introduces some new features.

The special attacks have been further diversified. Now, each plane has three levels of special weapon power, called the Supershot. You charge up your plane's Supershot special attack by shooting down enemies. A meter on the bottom of the screen will gradually rise and notify you of what power your Supershot will be if you use it. To use the Supershot, you hold the Fire button for a while, and then release. Additionally, each plane has its own unique bomb attack. In Strikers 1945 II, most of the planes' Bomb Attack consist of support fighters that shoot the enemy while providing you with cover from enemy bullets by absorbing them. One of the planes' Bomb attack is a massive missile! For information about these planes, plus links to actual historical information on each plane, go to the Planes Page.

Bonuses you can collect are gold bars. These gold bars vary from 200 to 2,000 points.

-Many thanks goes to Skyknight for providing the Strikers 1945 II prologue
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