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F-5U Flying Pancake
In Strikers 1945 II, you select from six WWII aircraft from several different countries. In this game, each plane has been equipped with powerful futuristic weaponry to deal with the alien onslaught. The P-38 returns from the original Strikers 1945 with five different WWII planes. Plane pics borrowed from Psikyo's official website (now defunct). For a good place to learn about most of these WWII planes, visit The Aviation History Online Museum.

P-38 Lightning
SUBWEAPON: Homing Missiles
SUPERSHOT: Type II Missiles
BOMB: P-51 Mustang Attack Formation

The American Lockheed P-38 Lightning was a presence in every major Theather of Operations in WWII. It was made famous in the Pacific Theater of Operations, especially during the Battle of Midway (the setting of Capcom's shooter 1943, in which you also pilot a P-38).

The P-38 returns in Strikers 1945 II retaining its same characteristics. Its Level 3 Supershot is a powerful bomb that inflicts heavy damage to all enemies as well as absorbing their bullets! 

F-5U Flying Pancake
F-5U Flying Pancake
SUBWEAPON: Search Laser
SUPERSHOT: Buster Laser
BOMB: B-35 Strike Formation

The American Vought F-5U Flying Pancake was designed to be a fighter plane capable of remaining in flight at very low air speeds. These airplanes never got past the prototype stage and never was involved in any combat. That's right! The F-5U is a real plane, as weird as it looks!

The Flying Breakfast Item is one of the best fighters in the game. It has decent speed and its subweaponry is a highly effective auto-aim laser that passes through multiple enemies. Its Level 3 Supershot is a powerful beam cannon (Kamehamehaaaaa!!!) Its Bomb attack consists of two Northrop B-35 Flying Wings shooting at enemies and providing you with temporary shielding.

Focke-Wulf Ta152
SUBWEAPON: Large Antitank Rockets
SUPERSHOT: Plasma Mines
BOMB: Giant A9A10 Rocket

The German Focke-Wulf Ta152 was developed for the Luftwaffe as an answer to the Americans' high-altitude bombers, like the Boeing B-17 Superfortress.

Ki-84 Hayate
SUBWEAPON: Seeking Wingmen 
FORMATION: Wingmen Attack Formation
BOMB: Bomber Air Support

The Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate is regarded as one of the best of the Japanese WWII fighters. It was nicknamed "Frank" by the Allies.

Shinden J7W
SUBWEAPON: Heat Missiles
SUPERSHOT: Samurai Sword '98
BOMB: Dive Bombing Support Run

In Strikers 1945 II, the Shinden J7 has the most powerful Supershot attack, the Samurai Sword. It generates and throws a plasma copy of itself forward. This attack can destroy any enemy and even half-dead bosses instantly! Its only downside is that it covers an extremely small area, clearing only the bullets in front of the Shinden.

DH98 Mosquito
SUBWEAPON: Rapid-Fire Anti-Tank Rockets
SUPERSHOT: Roll Napalm
BOMB: Mosquito Attack Unit

The British de Havilland DH98 Mosquito was an all-purpose fighter craft, with duties raging from fighter-bomber to photo-reconnaissance.

In Strikers 1945 II, The Mosquito is a powerful plane. Its weapons fire only forward though.

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