Raiden Fighters Jet Title Screen

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There is just one new plane in Raiden Fighters Jet, and that is the Ixion. The Ixion has the same behavior as the seven standard planes from RF2 (Induvidual use Laser and Missile Weapons, uses Firestar Bombs, Slaves assume formations while perfoming charged special attacks). It has excellent speed, though it is too fast for me. It has a missile weapon that is similar to the Dark Sword's from RF2, but the Ixion shoots out a swarm of these fully powered up. The Charged Missile is awesome: think of Chaser's Missile Curtain special combined with Dark Sword's Burst Concussion Missile and you'll get the idea. The Ixion's Laser is a rapid fire version of Beast Arrow/Eraser's straight-firing Laser Beam. The Charged Laser special consists of the Ixion generating four energy spheres each firing powerful laser beams. One very good thing about the Ixion is that both its charged specials take a very short time to charge. The Ixion has quickly become one of my favorite ships. Here are some Ixion pictures (and, yes, that is the Ixion over there in the RFJ title screen)...

Ixion in RFJ's Game Mode Select menu screen. (Screenshot by ArcadiaBay)
Ixion wireframe provided by Lynx.
Ixion game sprite in RFJ. (Yeah. the colors are trippy. It's really a solid powder blue color.)

RFJ Fighter Selection with secret fighters enabled. (Screenshot by ArcadiaBay)
The rest of the fighters in RFJ mostly came from Raiden Fighters 2. The fighters from RF2 that appear in RFJ are:
  • The seven standard planes
  • Hell Diver
  • Raiden mk-II
  • Judge Spear
  • Raiden mk-IIß
  • Blue Javelin
  • Miclus
  • Fairy
  • Slave
Every fighter here retains the same characteristics they had in RF2, except for the Fairy/Miclus, where the bomb and invincibility duration are reduced to 3 seconds from 5. Additionally, you can select the color of your fighter if you play as one of the seven standard planes. Just press either the Fire or Bomb button to change the color of your fighter. For more information about these fighters, please refer to the RF2 Fighters Page.

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