Raiden Fighters Title Screen (1996)

Release Date: November 1997

Hardware: Seibu SPI System

Display: Color Raster Vertical

Re-release: Raiden Fighters 2-2000 (2000 SEIBU KAIHATSU INC.)

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Swampland Stage Boss

KABLOOIE! The Chaser 2000 bites the dust versus the Swampland Stage Hovercraft Boss.

Aegis IV

Beast Wing

Chaser 2000

Death Header


Flying Ray


Hell Diver

Raiden mk-II

Judge Spear

Raiden mk-IIß

Blue Javelin



Dark Sword


There are up to sixteen fighters you can choose from. Click on a fighter to view its statistics. Each will appear in its own pop-up window.


"4 years pass since the defeat of the Dictator's Army. However, the remnant guerillas gathering [again] under [the] Dictator make a new nation and start attacks on our forces.

"The new government force musters [up] the previous fighter-bomber troops and orders a special mission using the newest weapons.

"If you succeed [in] this mission, it certainly [gives a heavy advantage to] the government army. [These] demanding missions shall be called operation "HELL DIVE" afterwards....."

-Raiden Fighters 2 Prologue
If you thought the first Raiden Fighters game was intense, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Raiden Fighters 2 is to Raiden Fighters as Raiden II is to the original Raiden. Everything in Raiden Fighters 2 has been kicked into overdrive. The game's visuals have been substatially improved over the first Raiden Fighters.  The difficulty of the game varies greatly. Depending on how well you play, RF2 can be anywhere between medium to insanely hard in difficulty.  There is much more action in RF2, with the enemies coming at you with sheer velocity and shooting countless bullets.  In Raiden Fighters 2, there are many different fighters to choose from, each with its own unique abilities.  The fighters in RF2 are drawn in a more futuristic style.  They are still propeller-based planes, with the exception of the Hell Diver, which has ion propulsion thrusters. They for the most part no longer look like they are based on WWII planes. To learn more about all the fighters available in Raiden Fighters 2, go to the RF2 Fighters Page.
The new Hybrid Attack! The new Hybrid Attack!

Power-up schemes and general gameplay remains the same as in the first Raiden Fighters. Each fighter still has two weapons, a Missile weapon and a Laser weapon. One change made in RF2 from RF is the added ability to fly over enemies.  Colliding with an enemy will not kill you. Not every fighter has this ability, and the Raiden mk-II is one of them. The most notable addition to RF2 is what is known as the Hybrid Attack.  To perform this maneuver, both players have to charge their weapons and release them. While both ships are unleashing their charged specials, they must immediately touch each other. Then, both ships will unleash a massive energy beam. During this time, both players become invincible and cannot move. This Hybrid Attack puts the Beast Arrow and Eraser’s Charged Laser to shame. It can cut through even those large planes quickly. 

There are also more secrets in RF2, like the six Micluses in the Violet Head Train Boss Level alone. The “Destroyed at a Time” bonuses, which were quite rare in the first Raiden Fighters, are now as common as the medals. Destroying pairs of anything on the screen within one second will almost always give you a Destroyed at a Time bonus, worth 100,000 points. You can easily obtain a score of 100 million by uncovering all of the secrets. To learn how to uncover these secrets and bonuses, visit the RF2 Secrets Page.

You can also get slaves, which are small fighter drones that will increase your fire power.  Each fighter will come with its own unique slaves that vary in speed and power.  Depending on the number of lives and bombs you have, your slaves will get into different formations that change the way they shoot.  There are three different types of medals that will appear based on the number of slaves you have. A feature returning from the first Raiden Fighters is the "Bullet Scratching" technique. You can safely overlap enemy bullets by grazing them with primarily the wings of your ship. For the duration the bullet safely overlaps your ship, you receive bonus points. In fact, advanced players are encouraged to Bullet Scratch in order to obtain the highest scores. 

-Game information written in part by Kevin Dart.
Boss Hummingbird (XB-5) in the Air Fortress Squadron Stage Boss Hummingbird (XB-5) in the Air Fortress Squadron Stage

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