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Strikers 1945 Plane Selection Screen (screenshot by ArcadiaBay)
In Strikers 1945, you select from six WWII aircraft from several different countries. In this game, each plane has been equipped with powerful futuristic weaponry to deal with the alien onslaught. Each plane has a special attack that you utilize by holding down the fire button until your plane flashes, then releasing. Real military history links are located with each plane if you are interested in the actual history of each fighter plane. I have not played the original Strikers 1945 in a very long time. I do not remember how all but the P-38 Lightning and the Shinden J7 behave. If you can provide some information on how the other planes behave in Strikers 1945, please contact me. Plane pics borrowed from Psikyo's official website (now defunct) and other screenshots donated by ArcadiaBay! For a good place to learn about all of these WWII planes, visit The Aviation History Online Museum.

P-38 Lightning
SUBWEAPON: Homing Missiles
FORMATION: Parallel Formation
BOMB: One-ton Bomb

The American Lockheed P-38 Lightning was a presence in every major Theather of Operations in WWII. It was made famous in the Pacific Theater of Operations, especially during the Battle of Midway (the setting of Capcom's shooter 1943, in which you also pilot a P-38).

In Strikers 1945, the P-38 is a balanced fighter. It is equipped with homing missiles.

P-51 Mustang
SUBWEAPON: Rapid-fire anti-tank rockets
FORMATION: Shield Formation
BOMB: B-29 Air Cover

The North American P-51 Mustang has both American and British origins. It was designed by Americans to a British specification, and only reaching its full potential when fitted with a British engine. It was a huge presence in the battle against the Axis powers during WWII. For information about the actual P-51 Mustang, visit the P-51 page at


SUBWEAPON: Heat Missiles
FORMATION: Wide Formation
BOMB: Flame Blade

The British Supermarine Spitfire is an all-purpose fighter craft that served during combat during WWII in the Royal Navy. The Spitfire page @ Aviation History Online Museum contains many technical specs about this aircraft.

Messerschmitt Bf 109
SUBWEAPON: Search Vulcan
FORMATION: Drill Formation
BOMB: Shtuka Dive-Bombing Party

The German Luftwaffe's (looft VAH fuh) Messerschmitt Bf 109 was a staple during the first three years of WWII.You can read more about the Bf 109 on Aviation History Online.

Zero Fighter
SUBWEAPON: Mini Drop Bombs
FORMATION: Wide Formation
BOMB: God Wind

This is a class of Japanese WWII carrier-based fighter craft. You can see a swarm of these aircraft attacking Pearl Harbor in the upcoming movie of the same name. For information about the Japanese Zero-type fighters, visit Astro Boy's Zero Fighter World.

Shinden J7
SUBWEAPON: Large Anti-Tank Rockets
FORMATION: Assault Formation
BOMB: Samurai Sword

It is hard to find historical information about the Japanese Kyushu Shinden J7. This fighter has a unique "tail-front, rear wing" design. It looks as if the plane is flying backwards. Heh. 

In Strikers 1945, the Shinden J7 has the most powerful bomb attack, the Samurai Sword. It generates and throws a plasma copy of itself forward. This attack can destroy any enemy and even half-dead bosses instantly! Its only downside is that it covers an extremely small area, clearing only the bullets in front of the Shinden. Its Assault Formation special consists of the small wingmen moving slowly up the screen and shooting rapidly to the sides.

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