LASER: Spread Shots

You are able to play as the Slave ships of any fighter! Slaves have no missile attack. However, it has a rapid firing main cannon that spreads out the more you power up. The Slaves inherit the speed of the fighters they normally accompany. They use other Slave ships like themselves as their own Slaves. In the first Raiden Fighters, all Slaves, regardless of the fighter they normally accompany, use Firestar Bombs. They inherit the speed and the bombs of the fighter they normally accompany in RF2/RFJ. This is the best all-around fighter in the series. Some players consider the Slave a cheap player craft, though.

Pros: Excels in nearly every ability. Great firepower, defense, and rapid fire. In addition, their small size makes them harder to be hit by enemies. 

Cons: About the only time Slaves have any cons to their use is when they inherit the speed of slow fighters, like Raiden mk-II and Beast Wing.

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