LASER: Raiden Spread Vulcan
MISSILE: Raiden Dumb-Fire Missiles
The Verdict: This is the player 2 blue version of the Raiden mk-II. The Raiden mk-IIß doesn't have a laser weapon. Its main weaponry is the original Raiden Spread Vulcan. Its secondary weapon is the Raiden Impact Missiles from Raiden 1/2/DX. The Raiden mk-IIß requires you to collect many power-ups to power up the Spread Vulcan fully, much like in the original Raiden and Raiden II/DX. You need to collect 6 "L" power-ups to fully power up the Spread Vulcan. The biggest disadvantage of the Raiden mk-IIß is its rapid-firing rate. It has none. Playing as the Raiden mk-IIß is a guaranteed finger-buster. You are required to have a quick trigger finger to make this ship shoot quickly. Impact Missiles require the usual four "M" power-ups. The Raiden mk-IIß's Bomb is the Cluster Bomb from Raiden II/DX. It is very useful in tight spots and against ground enemies, but it is almost ineffective against air-based bosses. The Raiden mk-IIß has decent speed too. It is much more manuverable than the Raiden mk-II. This ship can use both Laser and Missile weapons simultaneously, but each needs to be powered up individually. Interestingly, if you play a 2 player game of RF2 or RFJ using the Raiden mk-II and the Raiden mk-II Beta, an old Raiden trick appears. If the mk-II Beta shoots the Raiden mk-II, the mk-II Beta's Vulcan will turn into lethal stars that spreads out wide, just like in Raiden 1/2/DX! It is just like playing Raiden II in hyperdrive mode!

Pros: Fully powered up, its Laser weapon (actually the Raiden Spread Vulcan from waaaaay back to the original Raiden Densetsu) spreads out and covers a very wide arc in front of the ship. Its Cluster Bomb from Raiden II covers a wide area and deploys instantly, making it a perfect panic bomb. 

Cons: There is absolutely no rapid fire for this ship. It shoots only once per push of the Fire button. The Raiden Vulcan is next to useless unless you attack at close proximity to the enemies so that most of the spread will hit. The Cluster Bomb is virtually useless against flying bosses (the bomblets explode on impact), and it actually scrolls off the screen in fast-scrolling stages, like the Violet Head Boss stage in RF2 and Level 35 in RFJ!

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