LASER: Pulse Plasma Cannon (Level 0)
Plasma Lock-On Beam (Level 1+)
MISSILE: Homing Missiles
The famous interstellar fighter-bomber from Raiden II makes a cameo appearance in the Raiden Fighters series. Raiden mk-II brings its ever famous Purple Plasma Lock-On Laser from Raiden II and homing missiles to this game. Despite it having ion propulsion thrusters, the Raiden mk-II is a painfully slow ship. In fact, it is the slowest ship of all, being even slower than it was in Raiden II! It's incredible weaponry, with a fully powered-up Purple Plasma, makes up for the Raiden mk-II's speed. In addition, the Purple Plasma in this game does not require you to charge up anymore. You use its lock-on snaking form immediately after you collect at least one [L] powerup. Also, the Raiden brought along its Thermonuclear Bomb from Raiden II. The Bomb takes a substantial amount of time to deploy, making it ineffective as a panic bomb. You usually have to use the Bombs earlier than usual. The Raiden mk-II recommended for advanced and expert players only. Nostalgic Raiden fans will enjoy playing as this old-time favorite ship from Raiden II. Raiden II fans know how this weapon behaves...

Pros: Extremely rapid fire puts very little strain on the player's hands. When at least one 'L' power-up is collected, shooting will instantly transform the laser into its tracking form (no charging up like in Raiden II). Fully powered-up, the Plasma Laser can damage almost every target on the screen simultaneously.

Cons: Painfully slow speed. Quite possibly the slowest fighter in the entire series. The bomb also takes a good while to deploy. As in Raiden II, the Plasma Laser is quite weak, even at full power.

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