LASER: Homing Rays
MISSILE: Armor-Piercing Missiles
The Verdict: No kidding! The little blue critter takes an active fighting role! Miclus has the highest Attack rating. The Miclus is amusing to look at when you play as him. As an active character, Miclus flies like Superman, with his stubby arms in front of him. You see Miclus banking left and right as you move in those directions and flaps his little wings when moving up and down. Miclus does not have a missile attack. As the Miclus' only weapon, he actually spits out lethal fireballs from his mouth. Four of any power-up, "M" or "L," will fully power up Miclus' Fire Breath, which spreads out the higher Miclus' power level is. The Miclus' Slaves are actually Fairies that fight alongside Miclus. Miclus' Bomb attack is a devastating stream of fire that Miclus breathes out. While Miclus is doing this attack, you can bend the stream of fire left and right by moving in those directions. On some RF2 machines, you don't need to do a joystick sequence to select the Miclus.

Pros: Extremely powerful firepower. "Bomb attack" not only can kill all but the final boss in RF2 in one release, but it also makes the Miclus invincible! Only requires four of any 'M' or 'L' power-up to be at full power.

Cons: "Bomb attack" (actually a stream of flame) does not destroy enemy bullets. This means your partner in a two-player game is at high risk of being shot like a dog; he cannot use his bomb while the Miclus is using his "Bomb attack." Miclus is most effective if he approaches dangerously close to an enemy.


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