LASER: Vulcan Cannon
MISSILE: Napalm Missiles

This previously unnamed ship is from Viper Phase 1. For the Raiden Fighters series, this ship has been given super speed and the name of "Judge Spear"; it is the fastest ship of them all. The Judge Spear brings along its devastating Napalm Missiles along for the fun. At times, the Judge Spear's speed works against itself. Sometimes you collide with a very slow enemy bullet, and when enemies spread shoot, it's very difficult to weave the Judge Spear through the tight clusters of bullets without accidentally colliding with them. It is best to outright avoid enemy bullets as the Judge Spear rather than weaving through multiple streams of bullets. The Judge Spear's Napalm Missiles has a very slow firing rate. You shoot the Napalm Missiles only fast as you can push the fire button. Its Vulcan may fire rapidly, but it is very weak on its own. The Judge Spear has the best bomb. It's a fast acting plasma explosion with a long burn time. Beginner players will like the Judge Spear because of its speed. Its capability is greatly enhanced by collecting Slaves.

Pros: Excellent speed. Fully powered up, Judge Spear is very powerful offensively. Bomb deploys quickly.

Cons: Missile Weapon can sometimes detract attention away from enemy bullets. Very poor defense, due to only straight-ahead shooting. Difficult to weave in between tight patterns of enemy bullets, due to its high speed.

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