LASER: Boomerang Laser
MISSILE: Lock-On Cruise Missiles
The Verdict: This is the first secret fighter you will see in the Fighter Select screen in RF2. The Boomerang Laser is an excellent weapon. The Charged Laser special is very powerful, releasing a punishing finishing blast. The missile weapon consists of run-of-the-mill pseudo-homing missiles. On some RF2 machines the Hell Diver is available for you to select. On others, you have to rely on pure luck to select it from the "?" Random Ship Selector. This is the only secret fighter in RF2 that behaves like the seven standard planes (can only use one type of weapon, carries two bombs on each new life, uses charged attacks, slaves assume formations during charged attacks). This is a popular plane among players of all skill levels.

Pros: Very good all-around abilities. Excellent speed. Decent attack power and defense. Laser weapon can pass through multiple enemies. Charged Laser is very powerful.

Cons: Missile weapon leaves very annoying vapor trails on the screen, at times detracting attention away from enemy bullets, affecting both players.


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