LASER: Pod Lock-On Beam
MISSILE: Parachute Bomb
The Verdict: The Griffin's Laser consists of small pods that are launched. They then aim at an enemy and fire several green bursts of energy before disintegrating. The Charged Laser special is very useful. Four pods fire powerful lasers that cut through enemies. The Parachute Bombs are exactly like the Endeavor's from RF1. This time, however, the Charged Missile Special takes a shorter time to charge up. The charged attacks of the Griffin are really the only good attributes worth noting.

Pros: Charged Laser Special is very useful, and it cuts through multiple enemies. Only fighter in RF2 and RFJ that can destroy enemy bullets without the use of a bomb.

Cons: Missile weapon has a very unacceptably long delay between each burst. Main guns by itself is very weak, even at full power. Quite slow.


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