LASER: Blue Flames
The Verdict: The Fairy also helps out! She shoots powerful blue flames of magic, which she can disperse at a faster rate than Miclus can spit out Fireballs. Her Magic also spreads out more. Four of any power-up, "M" or "L," will fully power up the Fairy's Blue Flames. As Slaves, the Fairy has other Fairies help her out by fighting alongside her. The Fairy's Bomb, which is similar to Miclus' Super Flame Attack, can kill all but the final boss in one bombing as well as make the Fairy temporarily invincible! One of the most powerful fighters in all of the Raiden Fighters series. Only selectable via special controller and button sequence.

Pros: Excels in Attack power, Defensive capability, and rapid fire. "Bomb attack" not only can kill all but the final boss in RF2 in one release, but it also makes the Fairy invincible!

Cons: "Bomb attack" (actually a stream of flame) does not destroy enemy bullets. This means your partner in a two-player game is at high risk of being shot like a dog; he cannot use his bomb while the Fairy is using her "Bomb attack." 


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