LASER: Side-Shooting Laser Beam
MISSILE: Parachute Time-Delay Bomb

Hard-to-use plane with specialized attacks that do not ease the burden of its use. This is a very weak and slow plane. Even when fully powered up, its main weapon is very pathetic and weak. This is the plane I have the most trouble using. However, the Endeavor is the only plane that can destroy enemy bullets (with its Missiles, AKA Time-Release Bomb). It is also the only plane with a defensive special charge attack, being its Charged Missile, which surrounds you with explosions that absorb all enemy fire. With its Laser Weapon, the special's charge time is instantaneous. Even these advantages don't make the Endeavor any easier to use. This plane is recommended for advanced players.

Pros: Instantaneous charge time for its Laser weapon. Only plane in RF1 that can destroy enemies' bullets without the use of a bomb, via its Missile weapon.

Cons: Missile special takes way too much time to charge (3 seconds!). Main guns are very weak. Plane is also too slow for its limited defensive capabilities.

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