LASER: Judge Spear's Vulcan Cannon
MISSILE: Enhanced Burst Concussion Missiles
The Verdict: This ship is a black version of the Judge Spear. Notice the connection between the "Viper Class" of space fighters: Judge Spear, Blue Javelin, and Dark Sword. They all have names of medieval melee weapons. The Vulcan Cannon remains the same as Judge Spear's. The Dark Sword's missile weapon is very cool. It is similar to the Blue Javelin's Burst Missile weapon, but much better. Fully powered up, Dark Sword can fire up to 25 of these missiles at once, covering almost the entire screen and giving the Dark Sword a very good defense rating. The Dark Sword uses the Dimension Mine Bomb its cousins use. The Dark Sword is very fast, even faster than the Judge Spear! Some practice is recommended to get the feel of this speed demon. The Dark Sword is the last ship to be unlocked, and it is well worth the wait to use when it is unlocked.

Pros: Unmatched speed. Fully powered-up Missile can virtually carpet the screen with destructive power. Bomb deploys quickly.

Cons: Substantial delay between each burst of missiles, leaving you open to attack. Almost impossible to weave in between tight patterns of enemy bullets, due to its exceptional speed.

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